An ode to my fabulous ski holiday of 2019

Ahh before Covid-19 hit, a world that seems so long ago.

I Loved my skiing holiday in 2019! Such a fabulous time to go. And now, finally I can ski again next year! I’m so excited to be heading back to the slopes and getting a chance to meet new people. Skiing is one of my favorite sports, and it’s been too long since I’ve been able to go on a ski trip. My friends are all going with me this time, which will make it even better. We’re not sure if we’ll be going anywhere else while we’re there yet, but we have some ideas floating around about what we want to do when we get there.

There’s never a dull moment when you go skiing – there are always fun things happening throughout the day or night. Whether you head out early in the morning or stay up late into the evening

A few tips I’ve learnt:

  1. The best time to go skiing is in the beginning of January
  2. Skiing in Europe can be expensive, so make sure you’re aware of what’s included and what isn’t before purchasing a package
  3. Pack your clothes in layers – it’ll help keep you warm when the temperature changes throughout the day
  4. Make sure you have proper clothing for all types of weather (raincoats, gloves)
  5. Bring snacks like granola bars or protein shakes to give yourself an energy boost when needed
  6. Don’t forget about sunscreen! You might not notice how much sun exposure you’ve gotten while on the slopes because there’s snow everywhere and it reflects light back at your face

A few things I wish someone told me when booking my ski holiday:

  1. Make sure you have all the right gear
  2. Book your flights and accommodation well in advance
  3. Check out the piste map before you go
  4. Be prepared for any weather conditions – pack warm clothes, waterproofs, and a good pair of gloves
  5. Learn some basic phrases to help with communicating with locals
  6. Don’t forget to take your passport! You’ll need it if you want to ski across borders into other countries

You should go skiing in January, There are miles of trails, excellent ski instructors for beginners and advanced skiers alike, and the slopes are not that crowded.

I book all my skiing holidays through Club Med Ski packages. They deal with everything from flight to ski hire and the all-inclusive nature means you don’t miss a thing. I can’t wait to share my experience next year with you via an update to this!

You should go skiing this year. Why? Well, here are a few reasons why you should book your ski holiday now! The snow is deep and varied for more fun on the slopes; there’s plenty of accommodation available for any budget; it’s not too far to travel to get there (depending where in Canada you live); and most importantly, because winter is just around the corner. So what are you waiting for? Book that ski-trip now before all spots sell out – guaranteed!

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